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You’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney in West Sacramento because you have reached the end of your rope. But don’t lose hope; you’re not alone. I’m Anthony Hughes, West Sacramento’s leading bankruptcy attorney, and I can help. This is not an empty promise—I’ve helped thousands of other individuals, couples, families, and businesses file for bankruptcy and go on to reach financial stability and security.

When you call me for a free consultation, I’ll tell you over the phone whether you’re eligible for bankruptcy, which chapter would be best for you, and where we go from here. Most West Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys charge you for this information, but I give it to you for FREE.

Together, we’ll figure out a way to keep your house, car, and personal belongings. To stop creditor harassment. And to start rebuilding your credit. Contact me today—because the sooner you act, the more options you have.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney West Sacramento, CA

There’s no need to be embarrassed about your inability to pay your debts or about the fact that you’re considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in West Sacramento, I can confidently tell you that there’s no reason to be ashamed of filing for bankruptcy; be proud of the fact that you’re taking control of your debt issues and thinking proactively about improving your financial situation. The fact is: Federal bankruptcy laws are in place to protect you from financial ruin and to give you a fresh start. Call me today—I’m West Sacramento’s leading bankruptcy attorney—and let me help you start over.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney West Sacramento, CA

As an expert Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in West Sacramento, I’ve successfully assisted thousands of partnerships, corporations, and certain types of individuals with the difficult, complicated, and often lengthy process of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If you’re unfamiliar with Chapter 11 bankruptcy and whether or not it could be right for your situation, you should give me a call. We can talk through how Chapter 11, often called “reorganization bankruptcy,” enables you to restructure and repay your debts while you keep your doors open for business. With West Sacramento’s most experienced Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in your corner, you can take back control and reorganize your finances so that they make sense again.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney West Sacramento, CA

Many Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in West Sacramento only take on the “easy cases.” Not me. There isn’t a situation or scenario in Chapter 13 bankruptcy that I haven’t seen and successfully handled. If you live in West Sacramento and are significantly behind on your bills and are in danger of losing your home or car, I have good news for you: I can help you avoid foreclosure, car repossession, modify your mortgage or car loan, get rid of a second mortgage, restructure or even discharge tax debt, defer your student loans, and protect your co-signers on secured debts. We can even try to erase credit card debts and outstanding medical bills. Contact my office today to find out more.

FAQS Bankruptcy Attorney West Sacramento, CA

Where is the bankruptcy courthouse in West Sacramento, CA?

What is the bankruptcy means test?

How long will it take?

Where is the bankruptcy courthouse in West Sacramento, CA?

There are literally dozens of bankruptcy courts throughout the state of California. In the West Sacramento, CA area, the closest courthouses are pinned on the map at right; address and phone numbers are included for your convenience. For additional help finding a bankruptcy courthouse in your district, please visit our California bankruptcy courthouse directory page.

What is the bankruptcy means test?

The bankruptcy means test is designed to determine whether or not an individual who wants to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy actually has the available resources to make minimal payments to creditors under a Chapter 13 repayment plan. While the court wants to reserve Chapter 7 bankruptcy for people who have the inability to pay their debts, in the overwhelming majority of cases, most people who want to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are able to do so.

How long will it take?

In most cases, the bankruptcy court in West Sacramento, CA issues a discharge order fairly quickly. Typically, you’ll know within 60 to 90 days from the date of the meeting of creditors (which is held less than 40 days from when we file your petition). In all, you can expect to be out from under the stress and financial burden of your debts within 100 to 130 days.

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